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The Yearlings Membership

The Yearlings is a unique organization. Members are of all different ages and backgrounds. Members benefit from the opportunity to build relationships with other like-minded women. The organization provides opportunity for personal growth and development of lasting personal and business relationships.

Membership is limited to 50 and we are building our team of volunteers. Interested candidates, please contact us  

2016 Membership

President – Tracy Kiradjieff
Vice President – Brenda Sparks
Treasurer – Marty Uttley
Asst. Treasurer – Tamara Johnson
Secretary – Karen Keenan
Parliamentarian – Barb Johnson°°
Immediate Past President – Beth Rose°°

Carole Ewald°°
Karen Wesdorp°°
Susan Cook - Member Julie King°°
Beth Rose – Emeritus Member

°°Honorary Life Member

Honorary Life Members

Mabel Ballinger (deceased)
Kathy Carlotta
Kathy Conover
Marianne McKinney Crouch
Paige Ellerman
Judy Gibbons
Mary Merritt Hub
Lynn Hunt
Jean Loewenstine
Eva Mae Jones
Lisa Martin
Mary Louise Kern (deceased)
Carol Kessling
Donna McCarty
Patti McDermott
Dorothy Rettay
Rusty Sheehan
Flora Spille
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